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31st Bienal de São Paulo + ArtRio 2014back

Flying from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

Flying from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro

Art Immersion Trip

The 14 international guests invited by Latitude to come to Brazil motived by two major events in our art calendar, the 31th Bienal de São Paulo and the fair ArtRio, had the opportunity to stay four days in each destination, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. It was the longest lasting immersion trip ever since the program was started in 2007.

This allowed the group not only to see these two events, but also to participate as speakers and attendants at the São Paulo and Rio editions (respectively on the 4th and 9th) of the 3rd International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros. Guests also had the chance to visit member galleries and institutions and had free time to explore the intense and excellent selection of events taking place in both cities.

Adam Szymczyk - Artistic Director at Documenta 14 - Polish, works in Switzerland and Germany
Adrienne Edwards - Curator at Performa - American
Alanna Heiss - Director and Curator at Clocktower Productions - American
Bettina Steinbrügge - Director and Curator at Kunstverein in Hamburg - German
Dan Fox - Editor at Frieze Magazine - British, works in the USA
Edoardo Bonaspetti - Editor in Chief at Mousse Magazine - Italian
Irene Aristizábal - Head of Exhibitions at Nottingham Contemporary - Colombian, works in the UK
Liz Munsell - Curator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - American
Matt Williams - Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art London - British
Michelle Cotton - Curator at Firstsite Colchester - British
Natalie Bell - Curator at the New Museum - American
Nav Haq - Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp - British, works in Belgium
Suzanne Modica - Art Advisor at TWAAS - American
Yesomi Umolu - Curator at Eli and Broad Art Museum, Michigan University - British, works in the USA

“It was great to have a view of the contemporary art market in Brazil. Compared to New York, there is a lot in common: there are many long-established art galleries that have been doing business to a specific clientele for decades, there are many younger galleries who are doing very well with a mix of young and mid-career artists, and there are also many younger galleries that are taking risks with lesser-known artists. I was impressed to see such a wide range of galleries, which I think indicates a very healthy, thriving art scene and growing art market.” Natalie Bell

“The programme was hugely informative, and I was happy to have the opportunity to visit both institutional and commercial spaces. There was enough space in the programme for us guests to also visit shows/people outside of the itinerary, which very much helped us to get a fuller picture of the art scenes in Sao Paulo and Rio. Although I had visited Brazil before, I came away with a much deeper sense of the art scene there, and was impressed by Latitude's levels of organization. The range of guests on the programme also provided useful professional networking opportunities.” Dan Fox


  • 3rd ARTE!Brasileiros International Seminar, São Paulo, part 1

  • 3rd ARTE!Brasileiros International Seminar, São Paulo, part 2

  • 3rd ARTE!Brasileiros International Seminar, Rio de Janeiro, part 1

  • 3rd ARTE!Brasileiros International Seminar, Rio de Janeiro, part 2