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32ª Bienal de São Paulo + ArtRio 2016back

Visit at Baró Galeria

Visit at Baró Galeria

Art Immersion Trip

In partnership with ArtRio, the Art Immersion Trip ArtRio + 32nd Bienal de São Paulo brought together a group of 14 guests who, in addition to visiting the fair in Rio, were able to meet some of the city's most important institutions. After three intense days in Rio de Janeiro, the group traveled to São Paulo to visit the 32nd edition of the São Paulo Biennial, to participate in a dinner with associated galleries, and to visit galleries in the city.

The group was formed by curators, institutional directors and collectors from Germany, China, the United States and New Zealand. Through partnerships with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the institution Currents Arts and Music, it was possible to expand the group of guests, and potentiate the results of the action.



Andrea Von Goetz - Entrepreneur, Collector, Curator and Patron - German
Bao Dong - Art Critic and Independent Curator - Chinese
Felicia Chen - Independent Curator - American resident in Taipei
Karoline Pfeiffer - Director of Independent Collectors - German
Karsten Schmitz - Collector, Entrepreneur and Developer of Leipziger Baumwollspinnerei - German
Mariangela Capuzzo - Art Consultant and Curator - American
Pascal Decker - Lawyer and Collector - German
Zhang Li - Curator and Director of Shanghai Gallery of Art - Chinese
Zara Stanhope - Curator and Head of Programs at Auckland Art Gallery - Australian resident in Auckland
Zhuzhu - Art Critic, Curator and Poet- Chinese
Daniel Faust - Curator, Collector, Arquitect and Director of Stiftung Brasilea - German resident in Basel
Klaudio Rodriguez - Curator The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU - American
Jordana Pomeroy - Director of The Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum at FIU - American
Sarina Tang - Curator, Collector and Director/Founder of Currents Art & Music - Chinese/Brazilian resident in New York, Beijing and Lucca



"The programme was extremely well organized and the priorities have been selected well. That way the participants had a great possibility to get into brazilian art and institutions and leave Brazil with an overall perspective.
ArtRio and the Bienal made this possible for us regarding not just the commercial aspect but also the non-commercial aspect." - Daniel Faust

"Overall, I found the program to be well conceived and executed. I found the itinerary to be interesting and paced well for the group." - Dr. Jordana Pomeroy

"I thought the programme was excellent and Latitude makes it possible for international visitors to afford to come to Brazil, and facilitates connections and meetings." - Zara Stanhope