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Beyond the Library Booth at the Frankfurt book Fair 2013

Beyond the Library Booth at the Frankfurt book Fair 2013

International Promotion

In 2013, Frankfurt Book Fair honored Brazil. The German city was taken over with a massive Brazilian cultural programming: from exhibitions of design and architecture to literary soirees.

In an unprecedented cooperative effort, the Internationalization projects Latitude and Brazilian Publishers, Apex-Brasil partnerships with the Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art and the Brazilian Book Chamber, respectively, added to this rich cultural calendar “Beyond the Library”, an art show dedicated to art books.

The exhibition took place inside the fair at pavillion 4.1, dedicated to art books. Shown for the first time in Europe after being seen in Sao Paulo on two different occasions and in Tokyo, this exhibition of artist books or works of art that have books as a support was curated by Ana Luiza Fonseca. The show consisted of works by 11 contemporary Brazilian artists.

Other art shows in town highlighted the Brazilian production such as Brazil Street Art and Brasiliana at the Schirn Kunsthalle and a retrospective on Hélio Oiticica, The Great Labyrinth, at the Museum für Kunst Modern. The latter curated by César Oiticica Filho and Fernando Cocchiarale in collaboration with Peter Gorschlüter, director of MMK and Latitude´s guest for SP -Arte 2012 Art Immersion Trip.