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ARCOmadrid 2013

ARCOmadrid 2013

International Fair | Incubator Project

ARCOmadrid is a rather traditional fair for the Brazilian market and its generous profile allows for the entrance of both highly internationalized galleries as well as beginners. This makes for a largely collaborative atmosphere for the galleries themselves, something which especially benefits beginner galleries that were able to receive help from others more familiar with the market. As such, with the introduction of Incubator Project, which aims to introduce beginner galleries to the international market, the ARCOmadrid fair proved to be an ideal option.

Incubator Project was introduced months before the fair. Following general directives to segment activities and provide more opportunities of support for new galleries, a recruitment call was sent to galleries with a beginner's profile. After the preparation and selection process, 3 beginner galleries were selected for the fair. Added to the 7 more experienced galleries, a total of 10 Latitude galleries were supported by this activity.

Latitude also held a networking event which allowed for some interesting meetings between locals, the international crowd and Brazilians.

A Professional Meeting was also organized inside the Convention Center with other entities representing galleries from other cities and countries around the world in order to exchange information and experiences.

As a pleasant surprise, Latitude was referred to spontaneously as a benchmark initiative in a lecture that was part of the release event for Talking Galleries, an international conference of galleries.


  • Talking Galleries - Prelaunch Event in Arco