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Art Basel Hong Kong 2013back

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 - cocktail for guests

Art Basel Hong Kong 2013 - cocktail for guests

Prospective Mission

Due to the interest of Brazilian galleries and the dynamics and power of the Asian market, the Latitude team realized a Prospective Mission in Hong Kong to visit the first edition of the art fair produced by the Art Basel brand.

In preparation, the Latitude team presented a lecture in São Paulo to their partners about this market so that they could reflect collectively on the difficulties and opportunities weeks ahead of time.

The Mission concluded that this is a long-term investment, but one which should be initiated now. The investment in the cultural field on the part of the local government is enormous and it is evident that this is a market with bases that are forming at an amazing speed. People involved in the projects in progress and the proposals of the active exhibition spaces are very open to western art and Hong Kong is definitively a port to continental China.