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Art Basel Miami Beach 2011back

anthology book ArtNexus Brasil en Colombia

anthology book ArtNexus Brasil en Colombia

International Fair

The commercial event that is most receptive to and visible to the Brazilian market, the 10th edition of the Swiss fair in Miami featured a record number of participations by Brazilian galleries. Fifteen galleries were featured at Art Basel Miami Beach and two participated in parallel events: Art Miami and the public art project Primary Flight, making for a total presence of 17 galleries in the city that week. All galleries received equal support from Latitude.

For the first time ever, Latitude brought an event of content to the fair, participating in the official program schedule in the debate section, Art Salon, with the panel Art Media | Latin America Magazines: Now and Then and releasing the anthology book ArtNexus Brasil en Colombia in partnership with ArtNexus.


  • Art Salon | Art Media | Latin American Art Magazines: Now and Then

  • Making Of - Art Basel Miami Beach 2011