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Installation by Rodrigo Bueno at CAB

Installation by Rodrigo Bueno at CAB

Prospective Mission

On the occasion of the Belgian fair Art Brussels, the Latitude team set up a schedule of meetings and visits in Brussels and surroundings to search and map the contemporary art market in that area.

In preparation, Latitude had the help from local Alumni, ie, former guests of Art Immersion Trips who assisted us on scheduling meetings and visits. Thus, it was possible to have access to people, information and events hardly accessed without a strong local contact.

Apart from the fair Art Brussels which has had for the past four years the participation of one single member gallery, Galeria Leme, the Latitude team also visited private collections (a strong and very special feature of this market), local institutions, alternative spaces, and have done important meetings with local players.

As in every Propsective Mission Propsective, the results will be made ??available to members in the form of a presentation and report.

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