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Art + Soccer Immersion Trip - Confederations Cupback

Mexico x Italy - Confederations Cup 2013

Mexico x Italy - Confederations Cup 2013

Art + Soccer Immersion Trip

For the first time Latitude has brought to Brazil a group of guests motivated by an event unrelated to art. The group of five guests from Latin America and Europe followed the game Mexico vs Italy at the Maracana stadium and followed a schedule of visits to galleries and museums in Rio de Janeiro. Taking advantage of the presence of Belgian guest Alain Servais, Latitude promoted at Progetti the same lecture he gave at the fair ARCOmadrid entitled "Challenging the big brand galleries: Towards an eco-system of resistance" in which he presents a critical analysis of the performance of the galleries and market and suggests ways of cooperation within the system.


Alain Servais - Collector - Belgian
Eva Ruiz - Collector - Spanish
Mauricio Maillé - Director of Visual Arts at Televisa Foundation - Mexican
Moisés Micha - Collector - Mexican
Rafael Nieto - Collector - Colombian


"The five-day trip to Rio has been a fascinating opportunity to have contact with the creativity of the contempoarary art scene here. We had the chance to visit institutions (museums), galleries, and private collections sharing with the Latitude group and with the locals the impressions about the experience." - Mauricio Maillé

"We now have definitely a much better knowledge and understanding of the Brazilian art market. "- Alain Servais


  • Alain Servais - Towards an eco-system of resistance