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A Gentil Carioca booth at artBO 2013

A Gentil Carioca booth at artBO 2013

International Fair

Latitude supports record number of galleries in 2013 in Bogota for artBO. There were 10 Brazilian galleries in total, making our participation the second largest in the fair, behind only the Colombian hosts.

This excellent result was achieved by the growing interest in the Colombian market and the collaborative relationship bewteen Latitude and the fair. Latitude has also offered to its member galleries an Application Help Desk, a specialized and individualized consultancy service for discussing and refining candidate projects. This has helped improve content and presentation of the applications, thus increasing the chance of acceptance of galleries by the fair.

Among our group of participants this year, there were galleries debuting athe the fair: A Gentil Carioca, Galeria Millan, Galeria Marília Razuk and Sílvia Cintra + Box4