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II International Seminar ARTE!Brasileirosback

Auditorium entrance

Auditorium entrance


In partnership with Latitude, the magazine ARTE!Brasileiros promoted on Sep 09, 2013, at the Auditorium Ibirapuera in São Paulo, the II International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros. With the presence of local authorities, the Seminar presented three round tables with personalities of the art system both from and outside Brazil.

Latitude collaborated with ARTE!Brasileiros curating the themes, content and proposing guests. International speakers were also invited by Latitude to join the Art Immersion Trip to São Paulo, Porto Alegre and Curitiba from the 11 to the 16 of September.

This is the first major public content event co-organized by Latitude that cultivates partnerships in order to optimize efforts, multiply results and disseminate knowledge.


  • Introduction II International Seminar ARTE!Brasileiros

  • Introductions and first panel