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Debate with Galleries at Parte 2014

Debate with Galleries at Parte 2014

Art Immersion Trip

For the first time, Latitude invites a single guest for an Art Immersion Trip. During his 6-day stay in São Paulo, Emiliano Valdes was able to visit the fair PARTE Feira de Arte Contemporânea, the 31th Bienal de São Paulo, institutions and galleries. The guest had the chance to set up his own agenda with the assistance of latitude Team. A week before his departure to Brazil, Emiliano met Latitude Team in Bogotá. That was a great opportunity for them to know each other better, exchange ideas, clear doubts, and better plan the guest’s trip to Brazil.
Emiliano Valdes participated in two talks at the fair. The first was exclusive for Latitude gallerists and fair exhibitors and approached the topic "How to Introduce Your Artist Internationally?: the relationship between gallery and curator." Chaired by curator Marcio Harum, the second talk was open to the public and had the participation of curator Manuela Moscoso.

Emiliano Valdes - Chief Curator, Museo de Arte Moderno, Medellin - Guatemalan, works in Colombia

“Like in Colombia, there is an indisputable effervescence in the contemporary art scene.” Emiliano Valdes