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Latitude Sectorial Study: 2nd Editionback

Sectorial Study Presentation

Sectorial Study Presentation

Commercial Intelligence

Latitude presented on July 25, 2013 at a public event at Escola São Paulo, in São Paulo, the results of the 2nd Edition of Latitude Sectorial Study with unpublished brand-new data on the Brazilian Contemporary Art Market. This Study is developed by the Consultant in Commercial Intelligence, Dr. Ana Leticia Fialho.

The results and analysis obtained from the Sectorial Study, the main product developed by the Commercial Intelligence team, are fundamental tools for Latitude staff to plan strategy and they constitute also a reliable source of information about the sector available to the general public.

This information was collected from the responses of 44 galleries affiliated with Latitude. The results show that Brazil is a competitive market in the international scene with a solid and positive turnover. The average annual growth among surveyed galleries was 22.5% in 2012 and 22% in each of the previous two years: indicators of a market that is growing at a steady and consistent pace.

Access the sectorial Study in full by clicking here.