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Plataforma magazine

Plataforma magazine

International Promotion

Plataforma is a tablet publication developed by Brazilian art magazine seLecT in partnership with Latitude. Its content provides an overview of the Brazilian arts system today. It features six articles, five interviews and two curatorial projects submitted by key players in the system such as Paulo Herkenhoff, Cauê Alves, Rodrigo Moura, Kiki Mazzucchelli, Ana Letícia Fialho and others.

This initiative is dedicated to introduce aspects of the Brazilian art world to an international audience and give it a broad in-depth view of themes like Brazilian Biennials, Internationalization of Brazilian Art, Independent Spaces, Art Market, Public and Private Collections, Publications, Criticism and Curatorship. Exporting the current criticism and thinking produced here to the world, this first edition of Plataforma is Latitude’s contribution to facilitate access to information on key aspects of the landscape of contemporary art in Brazil.

Plataforma can be downloaded for free on tablets via Apple iTunes and Google Play.

Its launching was part of BR in NY: Art in Focus, Latitude’s program in New York, to celebrate Brazilian art calendar in the city.


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