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Art Immersion Trip: SP-Arte 2015

Art Immersion Trip: SP-Arte 2015

Art Immersion Trip

In partnership with SP-Arte and on the occasion of the 11th edition of the fair, the Latitude project brought a group of 11 international guests for a five-day program in São Paulo.

The group - comprised of mainly collectors and art advisors of Belgium and the United States - visited some of the city's main cultural institutions and private collections, in addition to the fair itself. At the fair, and on suggested events and exhibitions in the galleries, the group had the opportunity to meet gallery owners, artists, curators and representatives of cultural institutions.


Andrea Lounibos - Art Advisor at Schiff Fine Art, United States
Benedikt van der Vorst - Collector, Belgium
Bernard Soens - Collector, Belgium
Jarrett Gregory - Assistant curator at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), United States
Lauren Guilford - Art Advisor at Schiff Fine Art, Esyados States
Lea Weingarten - Art Advisor at Weingarten Art Group, United States
Marc Liegeois - Collector, Belgium
Mimi Dusselier - Collector, Belgium
Wendy Cromwell - Art Advisor and President of APaA - Association of Professional Art Advisors, United States
Wilfried Cooreman - Collector, Belgium
Yannicke Cooreman - Collector, Belgium


“The program is divers and brings visitors in contact with artists, collectors, institutions, museums, curators in order to have a better idea of the Brazilian art scene.” – Wilfried Cooreman

“We really enjoyed a few fantastic days. We were impressed by the number of galleries, and professionals involved in art in Brazil. We got to learn about a few very interesting artists we didn't know before, and that are very known in Brazil. We visited many good museum shows, and some private collections.” – Benedikt van der Vorst

“Incredible. Very enriching, and I learned a lot as far as the art market in Brazil, collectors' interests, and how political issues affect cultural ventures.” – Andrea Lounibos