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SP-Arte 2017

SP-Arte 2017

Art Immersion Trip

As in other editions of SP-Arte, the Latitude Project brought to Brazil thirteen international guests to participate in an Art Immersion Trip organized in this case, in partnership and during the fair.

Composed mainly of collectors, curators, art advisors and representatives of cultural institutions in their countries, the group had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Brazilian contemporary art scene. There were six intense days of events and visits to galleries, museums, independent spaces and private collections. The group was able to meet artists, curators, collectors, galleries and other professionals in the industry.

Adriana Blidaru, associate director of Flow Advisory and independent curator, United States
André Kanya, collector and founder of KANYA BERLIN - PROJECT SPACE, Germany
Axel Haubrok, collector and chairman of the board of the Haubrok Foundation, Germany
Barbara Haubrok, collector and board member of Haubrok Foundation, Germany
Carmen Peikert, collector and co-founder of the Stiftung Kuntsmuseum Ahrenshoop, foundation for the arts, Germany
Christine Andersen, director of the New Carlsberg Glyptotek Museum, Denmark
Dietmar Peikert, collector and co-founder of the Stiftung Kuntsmuseum Ahrenshoop, foundation for the arts, Germany
Joerg Neumann, director of the Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany
Michael Holm, curator and director of publications at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
Miguel Perez, independent curator, Portugal
Rui Amaral, director and curator of Scrap Metal Gallery and art advisor, Canada
Susanne Grieshaber, art advisor, Germany
Svenja Reichenbach, Director of Deutsche Bank KunstHalle, Germany

"My impression was that the Brazilian Contemporary art market is very vivid and contains many great galleries with a top international profile very well connected to the rest of the world." Christine Buhl Andersen

"I saw a lot of work from artists I did not know before, very refreshing. It is a very lively art market with positions of great quality." Susanne Grieshaber

"The Brazilian contemorary art market seems to be very lively. There are many interesting positions. It is very noticeable how the Brazilian collections and collectors focus on Brazilian Art." Svenja Gräfin von Reichenbach