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Art Immersion Trip - Latitude Guide

Art Immersion Trip - Latitude Guide

Art Immersion Trip

For this Art Immersion Trip, we received 16 guests from such target markets as the U.K., Spain, Switzerland and Latin America, as well as Chinese journalists welcomed with the intention of putting them in touch with galleries and preparing the Latitude staff for their Prospective Mission in Hong Kong in 2013.

The guests took part in 3 days of activities, meetings and visits to institutions, private collections and alternative spaces, as well as the art fair in São Paulo, before traveling to the Inhotim cultural center in Minas Gerais.

Taking advantage of the presence of one of the Chinese guests, a roundtable discussion was organized at Escola São Paulo entitled "The Art Market: Perception and facts about Brazil, Asia and Europe", featuring participation from students, critics, journalists, gallery owners and other interested parties.



Carmen Araujo - Art Advisor - Venezuelan
Christy Ng Lai Mei - Editor at Wen Wei Po - Chinese
Heike Munder - Director of the Migros Museum für Kunstlüneburg - German
Igor Ramírez García-Peralta - Art Consultant TBA21 - Spanish
Jesús Fuenmayor - Director and curator of the CIFO - Venezuelan
Jimena Blázquez Abascal - Director of the NMAC Foundation - Spanish
Laurence Dreyfuss - Art Advisor - French
Louise Spence - Art Curator and advisor - British
Maider Larrauri - Consultant - Spanish
Mui Leung - Reporter at Hong Kong Economics Times - Chinese
Pascale Van Zuylen - Curator at the Lhoist Collection - Belgian
Peifen Sung - Editor at Harper´s Bazaar Art China - Chinese
Philip Tinari - Director of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art Beijing - American
Sarah McCrory - Director of the Glasgow International - British
Tin Shui Yeung - Freelance writer - Chinese
Vincent Honoré - Director and Curator at the David Roberts Art Foundation - French



Enjoyable and informative. The mix of visits was fruitful and it offered a good context inside of which to engage with Brazil for the first time. – Philip Tinari

I was really impressed with Projeto Latitude high degree of professional organizational skills. All the activities that we were invited to take part were extremely interesting for me and show me exciting and dynamic is the Sao Paulo art scene. I was most of impressed of all about the Brazilian government involvement in the promotion of the contemporary art production and marketing. – Jesus Fuenmayor

The Latitude programme gave me the unrivaled opportunity to engage with the arts in Brazil on an un paralleled level. From SP-ARTE art fair where we had the opportunity to meet and make relationships with many gallerists and artists to the private collection tours all was outstanding and helped to increase and consolidate our knowledge of Brazilian art, both historically and very contemporary works. The museum visits and viewing architectural landmarks and artist co operatives gave a very complete view of Brazilian 'art scene'. To culminate at Inhotim,a totally unique and exceptional experience, made for a very exceptional time. The programme was expertly and professionally organised and that attention to detail very much enhanced my overall excellent experience. – Louise Spence

“After this travel I feel I'd love to explore more deeply the brazilian market.” – Laurence Dreyfus


  • Art Immersion Trip 2013 - SPArte 2013 and Inhotim

  • Art Immersion Trip 2013 - SPArte 2013 and Inhotim

  • Art Market: perceptions and facts of Brazil, Asia and Europe