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The Armory Show 2012back

brazilian galleries at The Armory Show 2012

brazilian galleries at The Armory Show 2012

International Fair

Support for the 4 Brazilian galleries participating in this traditional fair in the American market. The Armory Show established a relationship of cooperation with Latitude by including a lecture by British curator Neville Wakefield in the official VIP events schedule, helping to draw a quality audience to Josee Bievenu Gallery, the New York gallery which kindly granted us the space in which the event was staged.

This lecture marked the first public presentation of the exhibition’s project realized by the curator with the activity Project Researcher 2011.

This occasion also marked the release of the Brazil Art Guide, a directory of locales and events in Brazil produced by the Rio de Janeiro-based magazine Dasartes.

Making the most of the trip to New York City, the Latitude staff personally delivered copies of the book ArtNexus Brasil en Colombia to 11 New York galleries that represent Brazilian artists in partnership with Latitude galleries.