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Workshop: Joining the International Art Circuitback

1st edition - São Paulo

1st edition - São Paulo

The Latitude Project organizes trainning activities annually to help our galleries in the internationalisation process. The workshop "Joining the International Art Circuit" gathered together 26 galleries in two editions: the first one took place in São Paulo and the other one in Rio de Janeiro.

During the meetings, the participants were able to clear their doubts with the guests Márcio Harum, curator; Victor Gomes, lawyer in the field of Tax Law, Foreign Trade and Customs Supervision; Michelle Sommer, researcher and art critic; and Daniela Labra, curator and researcher.

The event was managed by Ana Letícia Fialho and Mônica Novaes Esmanhotto, founding partners of the 'Além Consultoria em Cultura', and it approached the following subjects: 'gallery profile', 'cultural offer', 'management for internationalisation' and 'the Latitude project'.