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Galeria Auraback

Galeria Aura

Created in 2015 as a digital platform, Aura dedicated its first years of existence to map and insert in the market artists of the brand new scenario of contemporary Brazilian art. Gradually, the online experience unfolded in face-to-face events, with pop-up exhibitions and participation in contemporary art fairs. In 2017, this process culminated in the opening of its own physical space, in Vila Madalena, São Paulo.

Directed by its founding partner, the architect Bruna Bailune, in its first years of operation, Aura Gallery has held ambitious exhibitions of young artists: selected names from its digital platform, collaborating with different curators, either new or renowned. The gallery has also intensified its presence in art fairs, such as SP-Arte, SP-Arte Foto, Parte and Art Rio.

In 2019 Aura repositions itself, joining BASA, an articulator of research centers and cultural platforms directed by Luisa Dantas and Lucas Ribeiro Pexão. A curatorial program then emerges, inspired by the hyperconnections and timelessness of the digital age, materializing exhibitions that favor the crossing of circuits, audiences and moments of artistic production.

Among the artists represented at this present stage are names that have developed along with the history of Aura, from the digital experience to the art gallery. Representations of artists are added to the team and raise attention for the hybrid traffic between different areas of the contemporary culture.

Alexandre Cruz Sesper
Antonio Bokel
Bruno Weilemann
Camilla D'Anunziata
Carla Borba
David Ceccon
Fernanda Valadares
Guilherme Gafi
Júlia Milward
Letícia Lopes
Luca Parise
Marcelo Macedo
Paula Scamparini
Rafael Coutinho
Renato Custodio

Rua Wisard, 397
Vila Madalena
São Paulo - SP - Brazil