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Janaina Torres Galeriaback

Janaina Torres Galeria

Janaina Torres began her activities in the art market with the office Mira-Arte, in 2013. After three years offering tailor-made services to collectors and art lovers, inaugurated in October 2016 Janaina Torres Gallery in its own space in Jardins, São Paulo.

Our proposal is to shelter new and vibrant contemporary art, in experiments of young and established artists, through careful selection in collaboration with independent curators. With artists that manifest themselves through painting, installation, video, photography and performance, the gallery’s intention is to bring the public closer to different artistic settings, which concerns the national and international social, political and cultural context.

Sheltered in a space of bold architecture, which distances itself from the ethereal model already established in the middle of art environment, the gallery is a space of free creative expansion for its artists and projects that develops. In its artists list, there are creative minds that incite the viewer to be taken to other dimensions through art, so that these people can become opinion makers in the market and in the institutional scope.

The gallery is open to receive the most diverse public, from the erudite to the layman, encouraging the exchange of the most varied perceptions and praising the learning through the plural dialogue and without ties with regard to the market.

Our daily mission is to work for the visibility of these strong and incisive artists, of constant and provocative production, so that they have their legacy recognized and backed by respected institutions.

Adriana Tabalipa

Andrey Zignnatto

Daniel Jablonski

Daniel Nogueira de Lima

David Magila

Feco Hamburger

Gabriel Pitan Garcia

Helena Martins-Costa

Heleno Bernardi

Jordi Burch

Kika Levy

Kitty Paranaguá

Luciana Magno

Marcia Thompson

Marcus André

Pablo Ferretti

Pedro David

Pedro Moraleida

Renata Pelegrini

Sandra Mazzini

Stephan Doitschinoff

Talitha Rossi

Rua Joaquim Antunes, 177
cj. 11
São Paulo - SP - Brazil

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