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DAN Galeria opens 'Women Ahead of All' onlineback

DAN Galeria presents the group show 'Women Ahead of All', which gathers relevant Brazilian women artists: Anita Malfatti, Beatriz Milhazes, Denise Milan, Judith Lauand, Laura Miranda, Lygia Clark, Lygia Pape, Maria Leontina, Mira Schendel, Moussia Pinto Alves, Raquel Kogan, Tarsila do Amaral, Tomie Ohtake and Yolanda Mohalyi.

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Available until March 15th.

Check Paula Braga's curatorial text below.

This is an exhibition that brings together strong gestures, mathematical thinking, philosophical density, disturbing form. And, not in opposition to, but by complementarity, it also includes delicacy, ornament and musicality.

Thus, it brings together a set of works that emanate a character of integrality, in the sense of whole, complete, as a characteristic of feminine ethos.

An important part of this ethos is, without doubt, certain condescending patience with those who relate women to lack. As attested by this exhibition, women know that nothing is lacking. Our difficulty, on the contrary, is with a superabundance of lucidity. From feminine wit comes an important question: lack of what, if we can go from nature to geometry, in intimacy with the curved line and with a right angle?

The most interesting thing is that there is something in us that makes us a plural being. Whether it is Mira, Yolanda, Leontina, Tomie or Judite, Lygia, Denise, Beatriz or Laura, we do not care much for surnames, because everything on Earth is a son of ours. And we have an impulse to take care of all, no matter whose son it is.

And to care for all of us, since we are many.

Great women artists make the history of Brazilian art. In this field, we have always been at the forefront, inaugurating Modernism, following Surrealism, in the front line of Concretism and Neo-Concretism, in the political struggle of participative art, in the ateliers of the return to painting, in the research on new languages.

The great women artists of Brazil are strength and inspiration for women active in any field of creation and care for the world. May this force generate sensibility in the men we bring to the world.

Picture: Denise Milan, "Evolução: Do caos a ordem", 2019