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Who executes it?

Now known as Latitude - Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad, the program for international promotion of the contemporary Brazilian art sector was created in 2007 by Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency) in partnership with Fundação Bienal de São Paulo and the segment of Brazilian art galleries of the primary market.

Since 2011, this program has been administered and operated by ABACT (Brazilian Association of Contemporary Art) with resources and know-how from its partner institution Apex-Brasil.

All the actions of the Latitude program are approved by the Managing Committee, a group composed of Latitude galleries and representatives from ABACT and Apex-Brasil.

Galeria Athena (Filipe Masini)
Casa Triângulo (Rodrigo Editore)
Vermelho (Juan Eyheremendy)
Janaina Torres Galeria (Janaina Torres)
Pinakotheke (Max Perlingeiro)
Magê Abàtayguara (Mendes Wood DM)

The coordination of activities and cooperation with other respected and established supporting institutions which share the same goals are part of Latitude's objectives. Apex-Brasil and ABACT understand and encourage partnerships that can benefit existing actions and become platforms for new possibilities.

Who is the target public?

Latitude's target public is comprised of Brazilian art galleries of the primary market with the vocation and intention to turn international. We currently have 47 participating galleries, located in seven Brazilian states, representing over 1000 artists.

What is the objective?

Latitude works for the growth of the sector's exports. As such, it seeks to support Brazilian galleries at their different levels of internationalization by introducing beginners in a professional manner, directed at consolidated markets, and helping more experienced galleries to maintain and expand markets through taking advantage of the positive reception and exposure that the country is currently experiencing, but not without also preparing the sector to confront eventual less-favourable economic situations.

How does it operate?

The partnership between ABACT and Apex-Brasil consists of a calendar of activities and investments defined every two years. This program is constructed from Strategic Planning developed for the sector, an objective investigation which points out target markets, aspects to be improved and opportunities for the sustainable expansion of the Brazilian art market abroad.

Another strategic activity developed by the Latitude team is Sectorial Study; the combination of activities, research on the target market and an analysis of results from the program.

All this information serves as an instrument for the decision-making of the Managing Committee, a group comprised of Latitude galleries and representatives from ABACT and Apex-Brasil and responsible for the approval of activities executed by the program.

What type of activities does it execute?

International fairs: support for the participation of Latitude galleries at determined art fairs within the target markets or the selection of the gallery by way of individual pleas. The nature of support conceded differs according to the level of internationalization of each gallery, coming in the form of “Operational Support” for more beginning galleries and “Promotional Support” for more experienced galleries. In addition to financial support to galleries, the program holds events for cultural promotion and communication parallel to the fair's calendar.

Prospective Missions: survey of market information made by Latitude staff or external consultants in order to guide the associated galleries who intend to operate in this market.

Art Immersion Trips: this activity consists in bringing international guests to Brazil (curators, institution directors, collectors and critics) immersing them in the country's art scene with the objective of creating opportunities for future business, projects and collaborations.

International promotion: activities aimed at the spread of information about the Brazilian art scene to an international audience through the production and distribution of content, debates and round tables and networking events.

Communication: promotion of Latitude and its member galleries' activities as well as information of interest the sector's interest to our target public (member galleries) and external national and international audience. Content is broadcasted via printed material, website, social networking, newsletters, national and international PR services.

Training: activities designed to inform and prepare member galleries for specific event and also a more wide-ranging presence in the international market. These activities can come in such varied formats as: Thematic Meetings, Workshops and Seminars, Application Help Desk for international art fairs, Incubator Project, informative manuals.

Commercial Intelligence: area of operation of the project team aimed at constant database building in order to provide tools to the Managing Committee for strategic decision making. The main products of public access of the Commecial Intelligence area are: Sectorial Study, market researches, historical analysis and monitoring of the program.

In what markets does it operate?

Based on exportaion data by Apex-Brasil and the qualitative imput of the galleries, the following list of target markets was compiled. These are the markets where Latitude concentrates its efforts.

• Argentina
• Belgium
• China
• Colombia
• Emirates
• France
• Germany
• Hong Kong
• Spain
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom