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Towards an eco-system of resistance, by Alain Servaisback

Latitude guest Alain Servais talks at Progetti gallery. Servais participated as a guest in the Art + Soccer Immersion Trip 2013, the first Latitude activity motivated by an event unrelated to art. The Belgian collector presents a critical analysis of the galleries and market performances and suggests ways of cooperation within the system Questions asked: - I have a question. You've mentioned medium-sized galleries getting bigger and I believe I see that as well. In regular business you see easier access to money and acquisitions and clear forms of getting bigger. Based on that shift, when big-sized galleries are getting gigantic and medium-sized ones are starting to grow and small-sized galleries are dyeing, what are the mechanisms you see there are available for the medium sized galleries to grow? -My question is closer to 'What instruments you see these medium-sized companies are using?'. Because that is the regular way: hard-working, smart thinking, but in a higher scale it takes more than that. It takes most of the times a lot of money and synergy with good people. -How did you become a collector? -What is the future of your collection? What do you intend to do with it in a long term?